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When there is no room for error

Duplimate Mk VI

When there is no room for error

Used at all World and European Championships! In 1982 the boards at a world championship were "duplimated" for the first time and nowadays the use of the Duplimate is mandatory at international championships.
And there are Duplimates making life easier for club owners and tournament organizers all over the world. Since 1990, we have seen a rapid technological development. As is true with computers, the Duplimates have become faster and more reliable. And the software has become more and more comprehensive for every year. Depending on model (and operator) the expected output is 5-10 sets of 32 boards per hour. (The mechanical speed of the Mark IV and 4.4 models is 650 boards per hour.)

Learn more The typical usage is that you feed the machine with cards at random order. The Duplimate deals the cards into the board and it also prints hand-records with makable tricks (or contracts), optimum contract and the actual results (if available). You have a choice between several models. There are models that can process any deck of cards, but for maximum throughput and security you will need barcoded cards and also the boards that fit into the machine. The machine comes with a comprehensive software package, covering everything from dealing to analysis, scoring and presentation in various forms, e.g. complimentary web site for the results. The latest model Duplimate Mk VI is self propelling; everything from deal generating to creating hand records is made by the machine. You simply use your usual device, be that your phone, tablet or computer, to steer the process. It is covered by five (5) years guarantee and there is also a 12 months customer satisfaction (or money back) warranty. .

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